A brief year-by-year overview of the curriculum may be found below, followed by a complete program syllabus.

Summer Resident Course, Year One:

PC5300 (3 credits):
Fundamentals of Pastoral Care & Counseling

PC5000 (6 Credits**):
Extended Pastoral Counseling Practicum

**Note that PC5000 is accomplished over 20 months, beginning during the first residency week of the program and continuing through the end of the second academic year.

Fall Semester, Year One:

PT6100 (3 credits):
Christology & Human Suffering

PC5311 (3 credits):
Ethics in Pastoral Care & Counseling

PC5322 (3 credits):
Developmental & Cultural Aspects of Pastoral Care

Spring Semester, Year One:

PT6111 (3 credits):
Theology of Crisis Care

PC5333 (3 credits):
Introduction to Pastoral Counseling Theories

PC5344 (3 credits):
Group-Based Pastoral Care

Summer Resident Course, Year Two:

PC5355 (3 credits):
Pastoral Care Interventions with Individuals in Crisis & Special Populations

Fall Semester, Year Two:

PT6122 (3 credits):
Dimensions of Spiritual Illness & Healing in the Desert Fathers

PC5366 (3 credits):
Clinical Assessment &Treatment Planning in Pastoral Work

PC5377 (3 credits):
Parish-Based Critical Incident Response & Disaster Spiritual Care

Spring Semester, Year Two:

PT6133 (3 credits):
The Sanctification of Marriage & Family Life

PC5388 (3 credits):
Pastoral Care Interventions with Families in Crisis

PC5399 (3 credits):
Parish-Based Family Care Programming & Community Outreach

Fall Semester, Year Three:

PC7000 (3 credits):
Guided Research in Pastoral Care & Counseling I

Spring Semester, Year Three:

PC7001 (3 credits):
Guided Research in Pastoral Care & Counseling II

Please Note:
The program syllabus contained on the following pages may undergo minor changes from year to year. Any changes will be posted to students at least one semester prior to the start date of the affected course.