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St. Stephen’s Certificate (non-degree program)

St. Stephen’s Certificate (non-degree program)

MTh or Certificate? The coursework is the same for both programs; the only difference is MTh students pursue a Thesis after coursework is completed, and are required to have earned a prior undergradutate degree. If you plan to pursue the Master of Theology degree, please apply directly to the MTh using that application in the drop-down menu.

The deadline has passed for Fall 2020 applications to the St. Stephen's Certificate and MTh in Applied Orthodox Theology programs. Application deadline is March 15 of each year.

Please note: Newly accepted students are now required to attend the Residency at Antiochian Village before beginning their first year of coursework. This is a change from past years. Due to COVID-19, the 2020 Residency will be held in an online format. Planning is in progress.

Application Deadline: March 15 of each year.

The following are required as part of the online application:

  • Recent full-face photograph of the applicant
  • Statement of the reason for application to the program
  • Brief autobiography with an emphasis on church activities
  • Letter of recommendation from the applicant’s pastor; or FOR ALL CLERGY, a letter of recommendation from the applicant’s bishop or pertinent ecclesiastical authority
  • Non-refundable application fee of $75 (seventy-five U.S. dollars), payable by credit card through the online application process.

 Apply Now.