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Bridge Application

Bridge Application

For Current Students or Graduates of the St. Stephen’s Certificate Program ONLY.

The Bridge Application is so-named because it is a "bridge" between the Certificate and MTh programs. It is designed for qualified Certificate students and graduates of the St. Stephen's program who wish to be considered for the thesis semester and Master of Theology degree. In order to pursue the Thesis semester immediately following completion of coursework, students must submit their Bridge Application by October 1st of their third semester (Unit III).

Please plan ahead: Bridge Applications may be submitted up to 10 years after completion of the Certificate, but keep in mind that the application deadline is 15 months prior to starting work on the thesis.


First-time applicants to AHOS, please choose one of the other three applications, as appropriate to your desired course of study: Certificate - St. Stephen’s (Non-Degree) Program, MTh in Applied Orthodox Theology, or PhD in Orthodox Studies.

 Apply Now.