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Western Rite Concentration

Western Rite Concentration

The Western Rite Concentration is designed specifically for students who are members of Western Rite Vicariate parishes, and particularly those who hope to serve in some ministerial or clerical capacity, as deemed appropriate and blessed by the Metropolitan. The Vicariate was established in 1958 by Patriarch ALEXANDER and Metropolitan ANTONY in order to make the Orthodox faith accessible to those from Western liturgical backgrounds, and to indicate, “in the simplest and most direct manner to all concerned with Christian union, the true basis on which the Orthodox Church is prepared and is able to consider the reunion of Christendom.” (1958 Edict on the Western Rite)

The courses for the Western Rite Concentration are a customized hybrid of the general Applied Orthodox Theology program, with four courses focused specifically on the Liturgical practices authorized for Antiochian Western Rite parishes, the theology of Latin Orthodox Fathers, and the Orthodox response to Reformation (Protestant) and Counter-Reformation (Roman Catholic) issues. (The latter two courses are open as an elective to all St Stephen Certificate and Applied Orthodox Theology students.)

Courses are as follows:

Unit I:

  • Fundamentals I: An Introduction to Orthodoxy
  • Church History I: The Christian Church from its Foundation through the Seventh Century
  • Western Rite Liturgics I: Meaning and Development, the Mass and the Divine Office *

Unit II:

  • Church History II: The Orthodox Church from the Seventh Century to 1453
  • Western Rite Liturgics II: The Liturgical Year, Sacraments and Sacramentals *
  • Holy Scripture I: Old Testament
  • Project I

Unit III:

  • Holy Scripture II: New Testament
  • Church History III: The Orthodox Church & the Post-Reformation Era *†
  • Patristics I: The Fathers of the Church During the First Five Hundred Years

Unit IV:

  • Pastoral Theology I
  • Doctrine I: The Doctrine of Knowledge In the Tradition of the Church
  • Patristics II: The Latin Fathers *†
  • Project II

Unit V:

  • Doctrine II: The Orthodox Doctrine of the Holy Trinity
  • Pastoral Theology II
  • Canon Law

Unit VI:

  • Master’s Thesis


* Courses mandated for the Western Rite Concentration

† Elective courses for other tracks