Dr. Christopher Veniamin is the Assistant Director and Registrar of the TAOI Ph.D. Program, and Professor of Patristic Theology and Dogmatics. A spiritual child of Elder Sophrony of Essex, England, Professor Veniamin was born and raised in London of Greek Cypriot parents. He is currently the Professor of Patristics at St. Tikhon’s Seminary in South Canaan PA, where he has served for more than 22 years. He received his first degree in Theology from the University of Thessalonica (where he studied under Professors George Mantzarides, John Fountoulis, and Fr. John Romanides), and his doctorate from the University of Oxford, where he was blessed to have the Most Rev. Dr. Kallistos Ware, Metropolitan of Diokleia, as his doctoral supervisor. Professor Veniamin has known Saints Porphyrios and Paisios, is familiar with many of the Elders of the Holy Mountain, and with other notable figures in contemporary Orthodoxy, academic and ecclesiastical, including Archimandrite Zacharias, Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos, and Professor Constantine Scouteris.

Academic Profile

  • Education
  • University of Oxford, D.Phil. in Theology
  • University of Thessalonica, Lic.Th. (4 years)
  • St. John of Damascus School of Ecclesiastical Music, B.Byz.Mus. (Thessalonica, 4 year degree)

Previous & Present Positions

  • Professor of Patristics, St. Tikhon’s Seminary (since Fall Semester, 1994)
  • President and Founder of Mount Thabor Publishing (since 2005)
  • Program Director, St. Nicholas Retreat Center (1992, GOA Diocese of San Francisco)

Fields of Expertise

  • Greek Patristic Theology
  • Dogmatics / Systematic Theology
  • History of Christian Doctrine
  • Church History
  • Orthodox Spiritual Life
  • Early Apocryphal Literature

Doctoral Thesis

  • “The Transfiguration of Christ in Greek Patristic Literature: From Irenaeus of Lyons to Gregory Palamas” (1991)


  • The Transguration of Christ: In Greek Patristic Literature from Irenaeus of Lyons to Gregory Palamas (forthcoming)
  • Saint Gregory Palamas: The Homilies (2009, 2014, repr.)
  • The Orthodox Understanding of Salvation: “Theosis” in Scripture and Tradition (2013, 2014, repr.)
  • The Hidden Man of the Heart (Editor, 2008, 2014, repr.)
  • The Enlargement of the Heart (Editor, 2006, 2012, repr.)
  • Ecclesial Being: Contributions to Theological Dialogue (Editor, 2005, 2006, repr.)