The Antiochian House of Studies (AHOS) has been offering programs of theological study for over 35 years. In 2002, AHOS graduated its first cohort of Master’s students, in partnership with the Saint John of Damascus School of Theology (University of Balamand), and currently offers two Master of Theology degrees, both of which are distance-learning programs:

MTh in Applied Orthodox Theology
This program is designed for those who wish to engage in graduate theological study across a range of topics, including Scripture, Doctrine, Fundamentals of Orthodoxy, Liturgical Theology, Pastoral Theology, Church History, Patristics, Canon Law, and Spirituality. Concentrations are offered for those who would like to specialize in Youth Ministry, Byzantine Iconology, Musicology, and Oriental Christian Studies. Learn more about this degree.

MTh in Pastoral Care & Counseling
The focus of this program is on training clergy and lay volunteers to provide complex supportive care to individuals and families in crisis from an Orthodox pastoral theological foundation. It is designed for three specific populations: (1) clergy interested in becoming more skilled in responding to complexly disoriented persons and families under their care, (2) members of the helping professions looking to grow in their ability to offer their work from a strong foundation in Orthodox pastoral theology, and (3) lay persons interested in beginning in or developing in a parish-based, community-based, or diocesan-based ministry in spiritual care, crisis response, chaplaincy, or disaster spiritual care. Learn more about this degree.