The tuition for each of the first two years of the program (which in either year includes the summer intensive residency course and all courses in the fall and spring reading semesters) is $1,050 USD. Tuition is intentionally kept low by the Antiochian Archdiocese in order to ensure that our Orthodox Churches are equipped with competent and theologically-grounded pastoral caregivers from all backgrounds. Checks and money orders for tuition should be made payable to The Antiochian Archdiocese, designated for the Antiochian House of Studies, and sent to the registrar’s office before the beginning of each year. For the third year (comprising the research and thesis phase) of the program, which requires formal advancement to candidacy for the Master of Theology degree, student tuition will increase to $1,500 USD, and much of this extra cost will be donated to a scholarship fund for students attending the University of Balamand in Lebanon.

There is a one-time $25 library fee paid with the first tuition payment of the program only. In return, students will have unlimited access to the Antiochian House of Studies theological library located in Bolivar, PA, limited access to internet stacks, and eligibility for inter-library loans with many ATS-accredited graduate schools of theology. Room and board for the week-long intensive residency courses can cost from $350-$750 per year, depending on a student’s interest in sharing rooms with other cohort members.

Overall, the total estimation of all program costs over three years, not including travel for residency weeks, but including tuition, room and board and fees for the two residency weeks, and also required books and audio- visual resources for the four reading semesters, is between $5,000 and $5,500.