Tuition is due and payable prior to the start of the Fall and Spring semesters. Once an applicant has been accepted into the program and tuition has been received, the student will be provided with the syllabi, listing course goals, objectives and requirements, and bibliography for the entire program, as well as a list of texts and bookstores. Each student is personally responsible for purchasing the required texts.

The tuition for each Spring and Fall semester (unit) of study is $525.00 USD, for the first three years of study. Therefore, the cost of tuition per year is $1,050.00 USD. Checks and money orders for tuition should be made payable to: “The Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese”, and designated for “Antiochian House of Studies”, and sent to the registrar’s office before the beginning of each semester. In addition, students are expected to purchase their own textbooks in accordance with the syllabi. The tuition fee for the fourth year of the M.Th. (research paper component, Units VII and VIII) is $1,500 USD, plus an administrative fee of $75.00 USD.


Students will be assessed a library fee of $25.00 USD when accepted into their program. Students may use the House of Studies Library at the Antiochian Village Heritage and Learning Center, Bolivar, PA, in person or access it via the Internet. Specific instructions regarding library usage will be sent to each student.