The M.Th. in Applied Orthodox Theology is currently a four-year distance-learning degree program.* Each year is comprised of two semesters (Fall and Spring). An intensive week-long Residency takes place in late August or early September of the first three academic years. The fourth and final academic year is comprised of research and thesis composition.

All students must complete three Ministerial Praxes, one praxis per each of the first three years. The praxis is to be coordinated with one’s local pastor or director, and should include such practical leadership experiences as parish youth groups, church schools, choirs, adult education programs, senior citizens’ programs, and retreats. Guidelines for all field Ministerial Praxes are included in the syllabi.

Each of the reading units (semesters) lasts five months: a four-month reading period, plus a month during which examinations are written. “Fall” semesters extend from October through February, and “Spring” semesters extend from March through July.

Written examinations are administered at the conclusion of each reading period. The grading scheme is as follows: P+ (pass with distinction); P (pass); P- (pass, below average), and F (fail). Students may continue in the program while carrying up to two failing grades. If the student desires, he may attempt to improve them (once per course failed) later in the program. Students carrying a failing grade are not eligible to enter the final year of research and thesis composition. Nevertheless, students with no more than two failing grades are eligible for the Diploma in Applied Orthodox Theology.

Examination questions will be sent to the student at least one month prior to the date that the completed examinations are due. Completed examinations must be submitted to the appropriate mentors on or before the deadlines given with the examination questions. If necessary, the student may request an extension of the deadline from the appropriate mentor. If the student desires to rewrite an examination for which he or she received a failing grade, he or she may do so with the consent of the mentor. Only one rewrite per examination is permitted.

The programs of the House of Studies do not guarantee ordination. All policy regarding ordination resides with the student’s respective hierarchy.