Three Purposes for The Antiochian Orthodox Institute

Orthodox Education

Our Archdiocese leads in Orthodox education. The Institute is a campus of the Antiochian House of Studies (AHOS) which has operated for 35 years. Our clergy still need a thoroughly unified formation in the Antiochian Christian ethos of Orthodox pastoral and liturgical practice and theological discourse in our North American region. The Institute offers advanced Antiochian Orthodox post-graduate studies, leading to the degree of Ph.D. in Orthodox Studies. This constitutes the first such advanced program under any Orthodox auspices in North America. The Institute offers various certificate programs in such areas as Orthodox catechesis, Church Music, etc.

Archdiocesan Publications

The Church needs accurate and high-quality liturgical texts and related publications for use in our parishes, as well as for our sister churches. This includes new and thoroughly revised clergy service books for the Liturgy and all the Sacraments of the Church. Publications on the Scriptures and Theology fill out the agenda. We Antiochians have always been the leader in promoting translations of sacred liturgical texts into the English language, as well as into the Arabic language, dating back to the beginning of the 20th century here in North America, and even earlier. The Institute carries on this legacy. TAOI also undertakes thorough revisions and correction of our older books and texts, as well as new translations of books in demand.

Outreach and Liaison

Our growing Archdiocese needs outreach and liaison with other ecclesiastical and educational entities. TAOI fills the need!

  • The Institute provides liaison with our mother patriarchate, the See of Antioch, as well as with our sister archdioceses world-wide, guaranteeing effective Antiochian unity in action.
  • We cooperate with the other Orthodox churches in North America, and offer a robust apologetic for our Orthodox faith in the North American culture and to all other faiths.
  • The Institute provides academic liaison with colleges and universities to foster collaboration and outreach through conferences, seminars, publications and other endeavors.